Minifee, Slim MSD BJD clothing

We sew and knit clothes for minifee girls A-line (old ver), minifee motion line boys, aquarius fairy43. Some of them are on sale or avaliable for order in our Etsy shop Three Mice. You can see details on item’s page.

Bombers for minifee boys
Bamboo Sweater for Minifee

Alpaca sweater with fashionable silhouette



Buy leather jacket for Minifee
Leather jacket with cropped sleeves for Minifee


Sweater for Slim MSD BJD
Yellow-green sweater for minifee
Sweater for minifee


T-shirt for Minifee boy

Jeans and bottoms

grunge style skirt for Minifee
buy jeans for Minifee A-line