Chimera doll clothes - Three Mice

These jeans are made of thin denim fabric, fit closely at the hips and have full, straight-cut legs. Thay have low waistline, excellent form-fitting at the top but do not prevent doll’s movement.

This jeans suit for chimeraDoll or for the doll with the same measurements.

ChimeraDoll’s measuremens are the follows:
height of doll 43 cm
waist circumference 9,5 cm
hip circumference 17cm
lenth of leg 19 cm

Pre order via Three Mice

First order period: 2020 July 6 – 2020 July 16

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Stylish jeans for chimera doll by three mice

Two colors for choice are avaliable.

A: dark blue with white flowers

B: plain dark blue denim

Pre order via Three Mice